Our team has years of experience in key areas related to embeddable tracking devices.  These include:

High Sensitivity GPS & GNSS Expertise

Our team has worked with GPS/GNSS for the last 15 years.  Areas we have personal experience in include:  High Sensitivity PR tracking, Custom GPS location algorithms, Initial aiding, WAAS, LAAS, Custom antenna design.

Cellular and Sattilite Communications

We have experience with cellular based communication from the early Analog Control Channel to current 3G systems and every thing in between.  We also have experience with satellite data communication for applications out of cellular range including:  Iridim, GlobalStar and Inmarsat BGAN.

RF Homing Expertise

Along with expertise in GPS/GNSS based location determination we have expertise in more traditional radio based location determination.  This includes development of both transmitters and receivers and custom antenna configurations for both.

Mapping Applications

Our team has developed multiple mapping application both web based and mobile device based to support tracking devices.  These applications have spanned sport performance tracking to law enforcement applications for recovering stolen property in real time.

Low Power Long Battery Life Expertise

All our development has been optimized for mobile low power devices and as such we use the latest low power components.  In addition we utilize advanced sensors to optimize power modes for the longest possible batter life for specific applications.


Without the ability to combine all these capabilities in a small hard to detect package the solution is inadequate.  We use flex and other technologies to create small flexible custom configurations for our customers.  One of the hardest aspects of this is to make sure the electronics and antennas do not interfere with each other or require bulky shielding.  Our expertise in RF plays directly into our ability to achieve minimal package size.