GlobalX specializes in customs products and solutions focused on using technology to recover stolen property.  The solutions share a common set of core functions.  These functions or product categories are summarized below:

Custom Tracking Devices

GlobalX specializes in providing custom product configuration for specific applications.  To do this in a cost effective way we use custom modules developed in house combined in a specific user configuration.  These modules include: cellular, GNSS, RF homing and custom triggering methods dependent on the customer requirements.

Homing recievers

A critical part of recovery of any tracking product is actually locating the device once you are in the general proximity.  While GPS/GNSS can provide <10meter accuracy quite reliably even if you within 10 meters of a device there is no garentee you can identify it.  you may have 10 cars in a parking lot within this range or multiple house entries.  Even inside a room the device may have been hidden behind a wall or any number of places.  We design homing receivers of different size, sensitivity and frequency for the final recovery phase.

iPhone Mapping Apps

We believe the way of the future for tracking devices will be with mobile internet devices or smart phones.  We specialize in applications for the iphone that display the location of the tracked device in real time.  We utilize an on board app with a direct data feed to the device to minimize latency and provide increased security to the customer.

Web Based Mapping Services

At GlobalX we also provide a complete web based mapping solution so customers can access there devices any where they can connect to the internet.  This is via a secure login with an encrypted data feed to protect security of the tracked device.

OEM Tracking Devices

The GlobalX system is designed to support OTS Tracking devices as well as our custom trackers.  This allows customers to integrate OTS product like cell phones or generic “trackers” into the GlobalX end to end solution for ease of monitoring.  It may provide a more cost effective solution in some cases than a custom Tracking device when requirements are not as stringent.